Recipes for traditional and contemporary South African cooking and baking.

Biltong snacks (biltonghappies)

Finely ground or sliced biltong, spread over buttered bread.

Banana salad (piesangslaai)

Versatile banana salad, with a pleasantly piquant, almost-sweet dressing.

Traditional grape must syrup (moskonfyt)

Grape must syrup (moskonfyt) is simply must that has been reduced in a saucepan.

Traditional must buns (mosbolletjies)

Traditional mosbolletjies use grape must (mos) as a raising agent, which gives it a unique, subtle flavour and delicate texture

Vinegar pudding (asynpoeding)

Sweet-and-sour baked pudding.

Egg-free buttermilk rusks (eierlose karringmelk beskuit)

Egg-free rusks that are a bit denser than regular buttermilk rusks.

Custard and almond rusks (vla en amandel beskuit)

Custard and almonds add a delicate flavour to rusks.


Crunchies are similar to Anzac biscuits and British flapjacks.

Custard Dumplings (vla sponskluitjies)

Derivative of traditional South African Souskluitjies (dumplings).

Peppermint Crisp balls

Truffles made from South African Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars

Orange syrup cake (lemoenstroop koek)

Orange syrup cake, with dates and cardamom.

Frozen Peppermint Crisp tart

Crunchy mint ice cream tart

South African lamingtons (Ystervarkies)

Small cubes of cake, dipped in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut.

Leap year pudding (skrikkeljaar poeding)

Baked pudding, in honour of leap year.

Custard slices (vlaskywe)

Custard sandwiched between layers of crispy crust, and glazed on top.

Buttermilk pudding with orange sauce (karringmelk poeding met lemoensous)

Traditional South African baked pudding, that is light with a creamy, spongy texture.

Green fig preserve (groenvy heelkonfyt)

Faldela Williams' recipe for green fig preserve.

How to make boerewors

A simple boerewors recipe to start from.