Biltong snacks (biltonghappies)

Finely ground or sliced biltong, spread over buttered bread.

Chocolate brownies

Baked, fudgy chocolate treat.

Peppermint Crisp balls

Truffles made from South African Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars

Tea sandwiches

Tiny sandwiches for a relaxed afternoon tea.


Old-fashioned biscuits made from meringue and almond, that are also gluten free.

South African lamingtons (Ystervarkies)

Small cubes of cake, dipped in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut.

Meringues (skuimpies)

A meringue recipe that stood the test of time.

Lepelsteeltjies (cheesy jam-hole biscuits)

Tiny biscuits made from cheddar cheese, with a bit of apricot jam in the centre.

Date Squares

Squares or balls made from dates and crushed biscuits, unbaked but refrigerated.

Chocolate-filled shortbread (spog-sjokolade koekies)

Dainty, chocolate-filled shortbread barrels that are delicious and easy to make.

Jan Smutsies tartlets

Tartlets with simple cake batter and apricot jam

Hertzoggies tartlets

Tartlets filled with apricot jam meringue.


Twisted, fried dough, infused in syrup