Biltong snacks (biltonghappies)

Finely ground or sliced biltong, spread over buttered bread.

Tea sandwiches

Tiny sandwiches for a relaxed afternoon tea.


Economical recipe for a mild blend

Butternut soup

Lovely velvety butternut soup.

Deep fried pumpkin fritters with caramel syrup (Pampoen-poffers en stroop)

Colourful pumpkin fritters with perfectly balanced cinnamon caramel sauce.

French onion soup (soupe a l'oignon)

A perfect combination of smooth textures and flavours, yet simple enough to prepare at home.

Barbecued sandwiches (braai-broodjies)

Crunchy brown on the outside, but soft and wonderfully flavoursome inside.

Fish fritters (viskoekies)

Easy, versatile recipe for inexpensive fishcakes.

Broccoli with walnut dressing

Clever recipe for a simple broccoli salad

Hearty beef and bean soup

Beef and bean soup, simmered gently for a whole day.


Comforting milk and cinnamon dish that can be served as a meal any time of the day.

Mild curry mince (perfect for vetkoek)

You don't really need a recipe to make curry mince for your vetkoek; all you need is onion, your favourite spices, and minced meat.

Crumbly maize porridge (krummelpap)

With a crumbly texture, krummelpap goes well with tomato-and-onion sauce.

Sheba sauce (tamatiesmoor)

The perfect accompanying sauce for crumbly maize porridge

Pumpkin fritters (pampoenkoekies)

Fritters made from pumpkin batter, and served with cinnamon sugar.

Green beans and potatoes

A very traditional vegetable dish, with unique flavours

Yellow rice (geelrys)

Aromatic and beautifully coloured, yellow rice is perfect witch spicy disches

Maize meal porridge (slap pap)

A smooth maize meal porridge, served with milk for breakfast

Scrambled egg

A classic breakfast favourite.

Chicken liver

Tasty and nutritious, ideal for breakfast, or as a starter.