Vegetarian bobotie

Vegetarian version of bobotie, a mild spicy dish usually made from minced meat and egg custard

Traditional South-African chicken pie

Shredded chicken pie, with ham and egg.


Special dish for a special occasions.

How to make boerewors

A simple boerewors recipe to start from.

Cape Malay lamb curry

Cape Malay lamb curry made with ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

Easy chicken and vegetable pie

Flavoursome, first-class dish made from leftover chicken and vegetables.

Meat balls (frikkadelle) in tomato, wine, and onion sauce

South African meat balls in a heart-warming tomato, onion, and wine sauce.

Maize porridge pie (paptert)

Rich, moist, savoury tart made from South African maize porridge.

Cape pickled fish (Kaapse kerrievis)

Fish pickled in curry and vinegar. Ideal for long weekends, such as Easter.

Baked butternut with spicy West African peanut sauce

West-African peanut sauce on baked butternut is a stunning vegetarian option, especially at a barbeque

Oven baked fish

Creamy oven baked fish, guaranteed to warm up a cold winter's evening

Minced beef chow mein

Fusion cooking in the true sense of the word

Baked buttermilk chicken with creamy gravy

Golden brown chicken, inspired by Maryland chicken, but healthier and easier to make

Chickpea pasta

A simple, fast-cook meal.

Moroccan-style beef and potato stew

A hearty stew that reminds of South African potjiekos, but with a distinct Moroccan flavour.

Soweto chicken

A spicy, heart-warming chicken dish, that can be as hot or mild as you prefer.

Chicken, brocolli, and cheese bake

A lovely chicken casserole, comforting and just a wee bit spicy

Mayonaise chutney chicken (vra-na-meer-hoender)

A flavoursome dish that will increase the appetite of your guests

Moroccan lamb with pomegranate couscous

Tangy pomegranate combined with the soft flavour of lamb

Lamb cutlets with baby potatoes and broccoli

This dish is not traditional at all, but rather a fusion of South African and Italian flavours