Small snacks and confectionery, such as biscuits, tartlets, and squares.

Gluten free seed crackers (saadkrakers)

You can use psyllium seed husks, flax seeds, and chia seeds instead of gluten, when you make crackers

Caramel biscuits

Sweet and crispy biscuits with a fudge filling.

Jan Hagel Biscuits

Thin and flaky buscuits covered with nuts and sugar, lightly flavoured with cinnamon.

Lavender citrus biscuits

Crispy biscuit with subtle lavender and orange flavours


Thin spice biscuits, known for both their caramelised crunchiness their beautiful relief patterns.

Chocolate brownies

Baked, fudgy chocolate treat.

Coconut ice (klapperys)

A modern tweak of the classic recipe for coconut ice.


Crunchies are similar to Anzac biscuits and British flapjacks.

Peppermint Crisp balls

Truffles made from South African Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars

Cinnamon stars

German Zimsterne are similar to macaroons, but rolled out and cut with a cookie press

Two-tone biscuits

Chocolate and vanilla biscuits.


Old-fashioned biscuits made from meringue and almond, that are also gluten free.

Savoury blue cheese biscuits

Blue cheese and thyme biscuits.

Crunchy cereal biscuits (knarskoekies)

Breakfast cereal baked into a biscuit

Coffee Bears (Koffiebere)

Crispy-chewy coffee biscuits.

Anise seed biscuits (anyskoekies)

Old fashioned recipe for anise seed biscuits.

Cinnamon sugar biscuits

Crunchy but soft in the middle, coated with cinnamon and sugar

Currant cup-cakes

Old-fashioned cup-cake recipe with currants and nutmeg.