Banana salad (piesangslaai)

Versatile banana salad, with a pleasantly piquant, almost-sweet dressing.

Pickled beetroot salad (beetslaai)

A favourite in both South-Africa and New Zealand.

Pickled curry beans (kerrie-boontjies)

Delightfully tangy yellow-green salad.

Sweet and sour beans (sousbone)

Made from speckled "sugar beans".

Cape onion salad (slaphakskeentjies)

Old fashioned small pickled onions, in a tangy, piquant sauce,

Peach noodle salad

An easy and simple pasta salad for barbeques, picnics, or camping out.

Corn, avocado, biltong, and tomato salad

South African twist on a trusted Kiwi salad.

Summer Christmas salad

Made from fruit that is readily available during Christmas-time

Raspberry salad dressing

Summer salad dressing for over almost any type of salad.

Capsicum dressing

A thick sauce, with the consistency of mayonnaise


Classic dressing for fresh salads

Stewed fruit salad

Dried fruit are delicious when stewed, and makes a healthy breakfast.

Blue cheese dressing

A flavorsome dressing made from cheese, yogurt, and Worcester sauce

Avocado mousse

Popular in the 70's, and still worth trying out

Tomato and onion salad

A simple salad, but not a mild one

Potato salad (aartappelslaai)

A sweet and tangy variation of potato salad

Apple and celery salad

A crispy variation of Waldorf salad

Broccoli salad

Broccoli with bacon, sultanas, and almonds

Three bean salad

A healthy salad, that is high in fiber