Jan Hagel Biscuits

Thin and flaky buscuits covered with nuts and sugar, lightly flavoured with cinnamon.


Thin spice biscuits, known for both their caramelised crunchiness their beautiful relief patterns.

Cinnamon stars

German Zimsterne are similar to macaroons, but rolled out and cut with a cookie press

Snowflake butter biscuits

Biscuits suitable to celebrate almost any occasion from Mid-Winter Feasts to Christmas.

Chocolate-filled shortbread (spog-sjokolade koekies)

Dainty, chocolate-filled shortbread barrels that are delicious and easy to make.

Fruitcake (vrugtekoek)

A fruitcake that is mostly fruit, quite moist, and a bit spicy

Summer Christmas salad

Made from fruit that is readily available during Christmas-time

Fruit mince pies

Tartlets made with minced fruit and spices