Traditional and contemporary recipes for biscuits, confectionery, cakes and tarts, rusks (beskuit), various breads and bunslight meals, sides, salads, the main course, pudding, a few drinks, as well as preserved foods.

We also have recipes for special occasions, such as braais (barbeques), breakfast, Christmas, Easter, and teatime.

Gluten free seed crackers (saadkrakers)

You can use psyllium seed husks, flax seeds, and chia seeds instead of gluten, when you make crackers

Biltong snacks (biltonghappies)

Finely ground or sliced biltong, spread over buttered bread.

Banana salad (piesangslaai)

Versatile banana salad, with a pleasantly piquant, almost-sweet dressing.

Traditional grape must syrup (moskonfyt)

Grape must syrup (moskonfyt) is simply must that has been reduced in a saucepan.

Traditional must buns (mosbolletjies)

Traditional mosbolletjies use grape must (mos) as a raising agent, which gives it a unique, subtle flavour and delicate texture

Slow fermented grape must (druiwe mos)

Must, which can be used as a rising agent in baking, is produced during the early stages of winemaking, by crushing whole grapes and leaving it to ferment.

Caramel biscuits

Sweet and crispy biscuits with a fudge filling.

Baked Apple Custard Pudding

Baked custard pudding with apple and cinnamon.

Jan Hagel Biscuits

Thin and flaky buscuits covered with nuts and sugar, lightly flavoured with cinnamon.

Vinegar pudding (asynpoeding)

Sweet-and-sour baked pudding.

Lavender citrus biscuits

Crispy biscuit with subtle lavender and orange flavours


Thin spice biscuits, known for both their caramelised crunchiness their beautiful relief patterns.

Egg-free buttermilk rusks (eierlose karringmelk beskuit)

Egg-free rusks that are a bit denser than regular buttermilk rusks.

Chocolate brownies

Baked, fudgy chocolate treat.

Custard and almond rusks (vla en amandel beskuit)

Custard and almonds add a delicate flavour to rusks.

Coconut ice (klapperys)

A modern tweak of the classic recipe for coconut ice.

Saucy baked orange pudding

Baked pudding flavoured with tangy orange sauce.

Guava tart (Koejaweltert)

Tangy guava custard, sandwiched between a slice of Swiss roll and a layer of unbaked cheesecake.


Crunchies are similar to Anzac biscuits and British flapjacks.

Caramel apple tart (karamel appeltert)

Apple slices nestled on cake batter, baked, and then covered in a creamy syrup.