Guava tart (Koejaweltert)

Tangy guava custard, sandwiched between a slice of Swiss roll and a layer of unbaked cheesecake.

Caramel apple tart (karamel appeltert)

Apple slices nestled on cake batter, baked, and then covered in a creamy syrup.

Orange syrup cake (lemoenstroop koek)

Orange syrup cake, with dates and cardamom.

Frozen Peppermint Crisp tart

Crunchy mint ice cream tart

Swiss roll (rolkoek)

Traditional recipe for Swiss roll.

Ginger tart (gemmertert)

A classic South African treat.

Marmite and cheese cake

Small cakes with a rich marmite-and-cheese topping.

Sponge cake

An excellent sponge cake.

Apricot tart (appelkoostert)

Cheese and condensed milk tart, with apricot halves, that perfectly combines sweet, tangy, and savoury tastes

Unbaked milk tart (ongebakte melktert)

Easy, delicious milk tart that can be made on a stove or in a microwave oven.

Lemon-passionfruit meringue pie (suurlemoen-grenadilla meringuetert)

Passionfruit, added to a traditional lemon meringue pie.


Made from chocolate, zabaglione, mascarpone cheese, and coffee, tiramisu cannot be adequately described by words

Ginger peach pie

Ginger peach pie is a good way to use orchard fruit such as apples, apricots, and peaches

Cape brandy pudding (tipsietert)

One of South Africa's best-known traditional recipes.

Special custard cake for Easter

Traditional custard cake that is delicious, but not too rich.

Vanilla cake

A basic recipe for vanilla cake.

Chocolate cake

Luxurious cake with a lovely moist texture

Pineapple tart

Refreshing tart with a tropical flavour

Peppermint Crisp tart

A rich and flavoursome tart, well-loved by many generations of South Africans.