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There is nothing as refreshing as cold ginger beer on a scorcher of a day! Ginger beer is a traditional drink as well. It was quite popular – and made frequently – in the days before fizzy drinks became readily available, especially on New Year.

We love it when the first strawberries of the season announce the eminent arrival of summer, even if they tend to be a bit tart. This is fortunately not a problem, if you serve them with balsamic vinegar!

Because we have a peach tree in our back yard, late summer is a time of peach-abundance at our house. We love turning our peaches into home-made chutney and lovely Ginger Peach Pies.

A Ginger Peach Pie is a great way to use orchard fruit such as apples, apricots, and peaches. It doesn't matter if the fruit's not perfect. Simply wash the fruit in warm, salty water, cut out the bad spots, and peel it.

A strawberry mousse that melts in your mouth, combined with crispy meringue.

The Summer Christmas Salad is made from fruit that is readily available during Christmas time in South Africa and New Zealand. The red, green and white colours suit the Christmas theme perfectly.

This delightful summer salad dressing can be used over almost any salad, or even fish or meat.