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Speculaas are thin spice biscuits, known for their caramelised crunchiness, and also for their beautiful relief designs. They are traditionally baked around the 5th of December in the Netherlands and Belgium to celebrate St Nicholas' day, using skilfully carved wooden moulds.

If you like crunchy biscuits, you will most probably love these cereal biscuits as much as we do.

We bake snowflake butter biscuits to proclaim the arrival of winter in New Zealand.

These lovely biscuits, so pleasing to both the eye and palate, are suitable to celebrate almost any occasion from Mid-Winter Feasts to Christmas, because they can be decorated according to the occasion.

These dainty, chocolate filled shortbread barrels are simply delicious.

They are ideal as a special treat over the Christmas season, a gift for friends, or when you need to take-a-plate.

The bonus is that they are also very easy to make.

South Africans love fruitcake, especially very fruity ones. They are common during the Christmas season, but fruitcake lovers tend to bake and serve it throughout the year. This is one of our favourite fruitcake recipes: it consists mostly of fruit, is quite moist, and a bit spicy. It is a flexible recipe, so you can use your favourite fruits and flavours.

The Summer Christmas Salad is made from fruit that is readily available during Christmas time in South Africa and New Zealand. The red, green and white colours suit the Christmas theme perfectly.

Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly baked fruit Christmas mince pies, straight from the oven. This recipe uses homemade Fruit Mince, but you can also buy it at your supermarket.