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Lavender and orange zest may sound like exotic ingredients for a biscuit, but they give these lovely biscuits a subtle flavour. It is the perfect biscuit to accompany quality tea, and will be a winner at your next tea party.

These tiny sandwiches are great when you need to dream up finger food, but are particularly good as part of a late, lazy afternoon tea.

Making and eating traditional hot cross buns is a serious affair.

Mass-produced buns that are spice-starved, low in fruit, with soft crusts, wrapped in plastic and stacked in piles at the end of the supermarket isle, just doesn't cut it.

You want your buns to be soft, fruity and spicy, slightly sweet, with golden crusts that are crisp and wonderfully sticky. If you bake them early in the morning on Good Friday, you want the fragrance of your buns to wake the sleepyheads from their beds, to gather the whole family around the kitchen-table for their Easter breakfast.

Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly baked fruit Christmas mince pies, straight from the oven. This recipe uses homemade Fruit Mince, but you can also buy it at your supermarket.

Although you can buy Fruit Mince (used for Fruit Mince Pies) at a good supermarket, making your own is fun and more economical, and tastes better.