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A bottle or two of tangy beetroot is a very handy thing to have in the pantry when you need to conjure up salad in a hurry. This spicy beetroot salad, also known as pickled beetroot or even beetroot relish, is a favourite in both South-Africa and New Zealand.

We re-discovered pickled curry beans when our friend Hannie, who invited us for dinner, opened a bottle of this delightfully tangy yellow-green salad. It was real tasty and is very traditional South-African.

Because Hannie grows runner beans in her garden, she uses 2 kg beans to make a large batch of just over 3 litres. If you want to cook just enough for a single meal, a small 250 gram bag of green beans from the local supermarket will make about 400 ml salad.

We like our curry beans to be quite spicy, but you can tame it easily by reducing the turmeric and curry.

Lala brought this lovely recipe to New Zealand from her native Madagascar and passed it on to Fiona, a mutual friend, who affectionately named it “bad breath salad”.

It doesn't matter what you call it: this garlic, salami and capsicum salad is a great recipe when you found a number of capsicums (also known as bell pepper or sweet pepper) for a good price.

Marietjie’s often roasts the capsicum. The result is a sweeter salad with a slightly smoky flavour.

Modern South African “sousboontjies” are made from a speckled bean known as a sugar bean, available in South African shops here in New Zealand.

Hettie Claassens describes the interesting history of this traditional South African dish in her book "Die Geskiedenis van Boerekos". Sousbone (sweet and sour beans in sauce) was first made by the Romans, who used vinegar, spices and honey. The 13th century Arabs made a similar dish with sweetened mustart, vinegar and raisins.

In the 17th century, the Dutch used prune juice and syrup or honey to make their version of sweet and sour beans, which they brought to the Cape of Good Hope when they settled there in 1652. By the 1740's it had evolved into a salad made with black-eyed beans (swartbekboontjies), butter and vinegar.

Slaphakskeentjies is an old fashioned traditional South African salad recipe that stood the test of time. These delicious small pickled onions, in their tangy, piquant sauce, can be served with a variety of meat-based main dishes.

Because peeling onions can be time-consuming, this recipe is for a small batch, but you can easily doubled or triple the ingredients if you need to.

An easy and simple pasta salad that goes well with "braaivleis" (barbeque), picnics or when camping out. The salad can be refrigerated for up to three days.

A Kiwi friend introduced us to corn, avocado and tomato salad. Marietjie experimented a little by adding biltong and cheese to it, and found this addition adds a lovely South African character.

The Summer Christmas Salad is made from fruit that is readily available during Christmas time in South Africa and New Zealand. The red, green and white colours suit the Christmas theme perfectly.

This delightful summer salad dressing can be used over almost any salad, or even fish or meat.

A flavorsome dressing made from cheese, yogurt and Worcester sauce.

A thick sauce with the consistency of mayonnaise

Classic dressing for fresh salads.

Avocado Mousse was quite popular in the 70's when jellied dishes were in fashion, but it remains a favorite.

A simple salad, but not a mild one!

Apple and Celery Salad is a crispy and fresh variation of Waldorf salad.

Lovely salad with broccoli, bacon, sultanas and almonds.

This is a sweet and tangy variation of potato salad. Not for the calorie-conscious though.

A healthy salad that is high in fibre, and will last well in the fridge.

Bacon and Pea Salad is delicious and will last a few days, is great to have in the fridge ready for use.