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An old time favourite - pap, wors en sous (porridge, sausage and sauce) - served as a one-dish meal.
It is not common to use wors in a casserole dish, but this worsjuweel casserole proves that it can be done. Flavorsome, and very satisfying.
The old breakfast favourite.
Chicken Liver is tasty and nutritious. Serve it on toast as breakfast, or as a starter.
Dried fruit such as apple rings, apricot, peach, pear, and prune is delicious when stewed. It is a healthy breakfast too, especially if you serve it with natural, unflavoured yoghurt. New Zealanders will find dried fruit in the bins at your local Countdown Supermarket. (For non-Kiwi readers: a bin is a large container from which you take as much or little as you need. You pay per weight.)
A flavorsome dressing made from cheese, yogurt and Worcester sauce.
A thick sauce with the consistency of mayonnaise
Classic dressing for fresh salads.
Avocado Mousse was quite popular in the 70's when jellied dishes were in fashion, but it remains a favorite.
A simple salad, but not a mild one!
Apple and Celery Salad is a crispy and fresh variation of Waldorf salad.
Lovely salad with broccoli, bacon, sultanas and almonds.
This is a sweet and tangy variation of potato salad. Not for the calorie-conscious though.
A healthy salad that is high in fibre, and will last well in the fridge.
Bacon and Pea Salad is delicious and will last a few days, is great to have in the fridge ready for use.
Wholewheat rusks are high in fibre and therefore quite healthy.
Buttermilk is a popular beskuit flavour. It is quick and easy to make, because you can use self-raising flour.
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