Magazines contribute immensely to the development of a nation's distinctive cuisine.

Read about the South African magazines and food editors that helped to create and pin down our cuisine.

Traditional South African Cooking

Magdaleen Van Wyk and Pat Barton

Traditional South African cooking is a collection of well-known South African recipes that will enable the modern cook to continue the tradition and produce the same delicious meals that our ancestors used to enjoy.

Anyone who longs for melktert (milk tart) bobotie or vetkoek, should have this title in his or her kitchen!

South African cuisine is a unique blend of the culinary art of many different cultures - the Dutch, French, German and British settlers, as well as the Malays who came from the East, all brought their own recipes to this country.

The subtle adaptation of these 'imported' recipes in the addition of local ingredients and the introduction of innovative cooking methods have made for an original, much-loved cuisine. This title also features interesting snippets about our early South Africans' way of life.