Magazines contribute immensely to the development of a nation's distinctive cuisine.

Read about the South African magazines and food editors that helped to create and pin down our cuisine.

Cape Malay Cooking

Myrna Robins and Sonia Allison

Myrna Robins, the acclaimed author of The Cape Cookbook, joined forces with Sonia Allison to write the lovely Cape Malay Cooking.

Home cooks with a love for Cape Malay dishes will find this to be an invaluable resource with information about spices and a wide range of recipes for beautiful dishes that range from bobotie, braised fish, bredies, chicken buryani, penang curry and pickled fish, to yellow rice, pumpkin fritters, sago pudding, trifle and much, much more.

If you're new to Cape Malay cooking, Myrna Robins and Sonia Allison will introduce you to a wonderful cuisine that combines the spices and foods of the Cape with tastes of Malaysia, India, the Dutch East Indies and Europe.

The publisher of Cape Malay Cooking wrote: "One of the world's least known but most exciting cuisines comes from the Cape Malay Community of South-Africa," and we completely agree.